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Jake Morrill

Floor Captain

Jake is one of our outstanding floor Captains. Jake is studying for his doctorate in physical therapy at Bunker Hill. His smarts in the books project perfectly into a sophisticated and expansive knowledge of wine and beverage. He started his hospitality career as a bartender at the exclusive and beautiful Woodward at the Ames Hotel. He was shaking it up behind the bar for five years before he decided to move his talents to Tavern Road. There he worked with some equally incredible talents which whom possessed an enormous amount of cocktail knowledge, such as our late beloved friends Ryan McGrale and Tenzin Sando. From there he took on the Beverage Direction position at Liquid Art House for their last year. Before joining our team at Fat Hen (as our now longest standing employee) he had a short stint at Audobon. Here at Fat Hen he works collaboratively curating our wine and beverage program as well as delighting guests with his presence on the floor. In his limited spare time, between the restaurant and school, he enjoys hitting dingers on the softball field, drawing and painting, as well as pumping iron at the gym.